You will be able to find at Market Color everything you need for the external treatment of a building. Quartz flours weather resistant but transpiring at the same time, special quartz flours mixed with anti-mould and AntiAlgae, lime brush plaster for facades of historical centres and country cottages….

We can offer a wide variety of products for fixtures: windows, shutters, doors, swinging, dampers, railings, wood gate, iron, PVC light alloys, and any kinds of protective layer for wall and floor area: stone, facing brick and “cotto” tiling… .


Market Color offers you a wide range of indoor paints to make your home as unique as you are. You can choose from ready base colours to over 3,000 colours to be selected among RAL and NCS matching systems, Rossetti line by J. Colors and, exclusively for Arezzo and province,  Andrea Castrignano’s color sample collection, created by the well-known architect famous for “I change home, I change life” and other TV programmes and popular books. Our 4 tintometers and specilized technicians are at your disposal to give colour to all your projects!


The latest design trends will turn your walls into a real furnish element. As a result, we are pleased to introduce to you our corner dedicated to decorative coatings. You will be able to choose among the new industrial metal effects, the refined paintings which make surfaces as much precious as gold, silver and copper or glittering paints thanks to glitters of the most various colours


You will be able to find at our shop everything you need to renew your furniture, fixtures and your parquet. We can offer you a wide range of preservative wood stains, finishing and wax suitable both for polishing and giving an aged effect. Moreover, it will be possible to find all products to dedicate yourselves to shabby chic style, without forgetting the advice of our technicians who will help you to work in the most satisfying and easiest way.


Our research has been continuous in the field of paints. Market Color is proud to offer you the latest news both from the technical point of view and the current trends such as highly washable wall paints certified HACCP of any proof of spill.

Would you like to renew your floors or your tiles without changing them? You will be able to find at our shop paints which will allow you to give a new face to these elements, with a huge save of money, time and in particular avoiding all the confusion and annoyance given by their repalcement.

We have curious news like the chalkboard paint which makes the surface where it is applied a real blackboard, not oly in the classic colour which let you remember the school time, but even in your favourite one!

In addition, you will find at our shop all paints for road markings, drawing lines in grass football and rugby courses, paints for tennis courses, walkable and viable waterproofing sheaths for every unpaved screed: garages, ramps, car parks and verandas as well.


A building can show a wide range of problems and you will be able to find an ideal solution for each of them thanks to the assistance of our technicians. They will give you the best advice.

Paints and anti-mould, anti-condensation, thermal-insulation additives, hygienic treatments, wall water-dilutable enamel certfied HACCP ideal for environment in touch with food.

Regarding asbestos problems we can supply you the certified encapsulating coating for Eternit surfaces, in compliance with the current regulation, but at a cheaper price than its disposal.

Would you like to make your tarpaper duration longer? We have got the aluminium-based bituminous-base paint which protects surfaces against external agents, ensuring a longer lasting protection.

We are Elastik dealer, the innovative alernative to tarpaper: a flexible sheath, spreadable both by brush and roller, which gives durable waterproofing, adapting to the wall stabilization due to the time and atmospheric agents. It is ideal for restoring of pre-existing worn tarpaper with a 10-year warranty.


You will find at our shop everything you need for your job, both for private and professional purposes: brushes, rolls, tools for decorating, stencils, brushes for fine Art, spatulas and brushes, adhesive tape, sheets for all uses, mats, cardboards, single-use overalls not to get your clothes dirty, special silicone as well for toilets.

Regarding silicone, Market Color offers you an alternative solution to the problem related to pigeons: “Fly away” the atoxic repellent treatment which get birds away without being harmful to them. On the contrary, it protects you environment against their undesired droppings.