panoramica dell'interno negozio

Outdoor and indoor, iron and wood paints ready to use.

mazzette per scegliere i colori per l'interno della casa

Customized paints realized with paint mixing equipment.You will be given the chance to choose among 3,000 colours of our colour samples which
will be realized immediately by our technicians thanks to 4 state-of-the-art tintometers. You will be able to choose your favourite colours in order to make your premises just like those you always dreamt.

tecnico allo spettrofotometro e tecnico al tintometro

Sample paints realized by spectrophometer analysis. Starting from a sample brought by the customer which can be a fragment of wall, a piece  of cloth or a paper cutout… short, any elements whose shade you would like to replicate. Thanks to the aid of a modern spectrophometer, we can recreate the colour with an approximation of 95%. The replicative process will only take three waiting days maximum from the sample delivery.

scelta effetti decorativi per le pareti

Lines of decorative paints. Personalize your home with the amazing effects in line with the latest design trends. Glitters, materic effects, metallised lines…………the walls of your house as well can become a furnishing element thanks to Market Color.

disegni realizzati con gli stencil e commesso

Original features: high removable, chalkboard paints, products to get shabby furniture, big and little stencils, you will be able to find out products you would have never thought about, in order to renew the aspect of your home or your premises.

commesso Market Color con secchi di guaina liquida bituminosa Elastik

Solutions to problems which commonly occur in the houses: musty, infiltrations, humidity.

i sei membri dello staff della Market Color SRL Arezzo

Estimates and free inspections both before and during working procedures.

furgone Market Color per consegne e sopralluoghi

Free home delivery: Will that be possible despite the availabilty our large car park, our bulky and heavy material supplied? No problem! Market Color offers its customers a completely free home delivery.