Our company history

The story and images of a history of over 40 years, a guarantee of our work.


“The house of paints – Casa della vernice ” was set out in Arezzo in 1970. It was based in an area of 60 m2 close to the city centre. At that time it was a small retail business of paints for the building trade.


Few years later, thanks to the intuition of our founder Mr. Biti Giancarlo, the shop “The house of paints” gets bigger and more up-to-date and consequently in 1975 “Market Color” was founded. The shop was immediately a reality destined to last over the time in a steadily growth. Since the beginning Mr Biti, who was particularly careful to any technical innovations of the field, equipped Market Color with a tintometric system. It is a state-of-the-Art machine used to realize customized colours. At the same time, the shop was relocated to bigger premises, with an area dedicated to wallpaper and decorations such as rose windows, ceiling and wall frames, suspended ceilings in worked polystyrene, decorating elements which were very fashionable in that period.


The company gets bigger in the ’80s and it relocates again to its current premises: close to Arezzo city centre but with the addition of a large outdoor car park.  The shop is composed of 150 m2 reserved to the retail sales, with an exhibition area dedicated to customized colours, and 130 m2 of adjacent warehouse to offer a prompt delivery service to businesses which need large quantities of materials.


The attention to the technological research in the field of paints for the building trade never stops: the number of tintometers increases, and a spectrophometer was purchased in order to analyse the wavelenghts of colour shades. It allows the customer to replicate a shade starting from his own sample taken directly by him to our shop.